About Us

Hunan More Than Moore Advanced Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. (referred to as MTM) is a leading enterprise in the advanced packaging industry, with one-stop service capabilities for the design and manufacturing of advanced packaging products, focusing on high-performance and high-density chip packaging products. With a registered capital of 410 million CNY, MTM is located in Zhuzhou city, Hunan Province. MTM has a superior geographical location, adjacent to the provincial capital Changsha, and convenient transportation. It is only a half hour drive from Changsha South railway station and Huanghua Airport.
    MTM team talents focus on technological research and development, continuously innovate, strengthen technological advantages, and lay a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development. As of 2023, MTM has invested a total of 800 million CNY in technology research and development, equipment procurement and upgrading, and other aspects to promote the company's rapid growth and development.

  • Establishment time2020year
  • Intellectual property rights50+
  • Number of employees500+

A high-tech company leading the industry in system-level integrated advanced packaging technology, always committed to breaking through and innovating in core capabilities to meet customers, demands for high-end technology.

Application Area

Specialized in providing higher reliability and more customized product solutions for applications such as artificial intelligence, computing products, automotive electronic supply chains, industrial control, new energy, and intelligent wearable devices.


The team of talents centers around technology research and development, constantly innovating and strengthening technological advantages, laying a solid foundation for MTM's sustainable development.

Investor Relations